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Style Consulting

Your appearance is the single most important factor when it comes to attracting opportunities both social and business.
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Colour Consulting

With your new found sense of style you’ll be dressing yourself to your fullest potential on whatever budget you have and for every occasion.
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Style & Colour Consulting

Take advantage of this Duo and bolster your knowledge with your newly found sense of style! Brining you confidence in every occasion.
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You will leave with the knowledge of how to use fashion to your advantage by understanding what to buy and how to combine it.

You will also know what to wear and which style flatters your figure. Additionally, you'll learn how to dissect an outfit into its component parts so that you can instantly see an outfit or piece of clothing through a stylist's eyes.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to stand out from the crowd and attract social and professional opportunities through a pleasing and positive visual image.



JX Connection was created to be affordable. We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this comprehensive, tailored program because of the unique way we provide solutions to your styling dilemmas. Our goal is to make great styling advice available to every man & woman.

THE DETAILS JX Connection has been created specifically for you and covers the following areas:

  • Figure Analysis - A figure assessment has been made according to your measurements and/or observations. This creates an accurate picture of your body shape which allows us to generate information from which the design elements of garments and accessories can be assessed for you.

  • Style Selection - Based on your figure analysis your portfolio will give you comprehensive and specific style recommendations that will enhance every aspect of your physical appearance. Shopping and coordination will be made easier, your wardrobe will fill with things that make you look and feel great, and compliments will begin to flow.
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    Top Reviews

    Amazing Experience!
    I now shop with confidence and wear clothes that make me feel good, My old self esteem is back!
    - Louise Hampton
    Great  Investment
    I see myself and my clothes with new eyes, I shop more effectively and in less time because finally i understand my body and it's needs.
    - Christine Homans
    Awesome Style Guidance
    It's like i am reading a current mens fashion magazine that has been taliored to me... this is awesome!!
    - Jake Newly